tiistai 6. syyskuuta 2016

Princess princess~ and Tracon

...or actually a queen.

Good evening!

So, krhm, I didn't manage to update before Tracon and main reason for that was that I completely lost my motivation for Zelda after finishing most of the cloth parts. I feel a bit bad about rushing all the major parts of the costume but no can do.

My original plan to make the armor details out of foam was scrapped when I realized that the EVA foam I bought wasn't dense enough. When dremeling, the foam didn't shave off nicely but formed horrible "cliffs". I had to come up with new plan and with no better substitute I ended up making the details out off acrylic filler. For information, that stuff is meant for filling gaps between tiles, windows and such. Definitely not for sculpting! I don't recommend unless you're just as desperate for material that sticks to foam, is somewhat sandable and bends with the foam okay-ish. The times when I thought "I just made the most horrible thing I have ever done lol" when making this costume couldn't be counted with even two hands.

So, I had my details ready and around two weeks left before the con.. and 5 days of work per week. During last rush I painted the armors, finished my pants and socks and made the crown. Wednesday and Thursday of the con week were spent glueing and sewing all the attachments for armor pieces. Lots of velcro was consumed. I really like velcro for its easy usability but the attachments don't look very tidy. I ended up sewing half of the velcro pieces to some straps and glueing half directly to EVA foam. Contact glue works surprisingly well but I would probably pay attention if the glue would need to sustain lots of pulling.

So, Zelda was finished in time, excluding some golden details on the socks I decided to skip. I'm not happy with it and thank god I didn't apply for NCC as there's no way I would have had time to make a skit. If I were to ever apply to competition with this costume I'd remake everything :D

Con con con

I arrived at Tampere on Friday but didn't manage to sleep that long as we did lots of sewing and crafting the evening before. I hadn't tried doing Zelda's make up before the con so it was bit experimental. At least my lenses were blue! :3

Gosh the wig is yellow. I bet everyone who has tried to find natural looking but bright yellow wig has had the same issue. The wig will definitely be changed to something else when I wear Zelda again.

The weather wasn't very nice on either of convention days though it became quite decent just when it was time to leave on Sunday... This highly impacted the opportunities to take photos though we managed to squeeze a short session in when it didn't rain. We had planned before the con with Lunalle Cosplay Photography to take photos of my Zelda and I'm honestly glad since it was a big reason for me to finish the costume. Other reason being that Noora Cosplay had agreed to wear her Midna the same day so we could get some pair photos too :3

Here are some of the pics Lunalle took, enjoy the colors!

I think the highlight of my convention was taking photos of my friends. I'm not that skilled yet but there's something about trying to capture the costume in a best way that is very exciting. Its a shame we ran into lots of space and lightning problems as we had to take photos indoors due to chilly costumes and rain.

I wish I could say I'm not considering buying a proper DSLR instead of my current m4/3 but I have an itch... If only cameras grew in trees.

So, this was super short recap of what happened while finishing the costume and at Tracon. Next convention will be most likely Frostbite and before that there is Cosplay SM at Digiexpo. I have no clue what I'll start crafting next and it's a weird feeling after working on one project for so long. I wouldn't mind some pair or group cosplay ideas either. Most of all I want to work on something I can dedicate all my enthusiasm into and try to make the costume perfect. Meanwhile I might try to find some photography subjects :3

Until next time!


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